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Caton Connector

High Voltage Interconnect Products. Corona-Free connectors and cable assemblies to 100KV. Multi-conductor, multi-shielded, triple extruded silicone cable, custom terminated in lengths to 300Ft.


HVCA/CKE Catalog

High Voltage Rectifiers, MOV's and Assemblies. High Voltage (300kV) High Current (1000A). Selenium Surge Suppressors. Silicon-carbide varistors, Transient Voltage Supressors. HV (60kV) ceramic disk capacitors.

Conversion Devices

Medical Power Supplies. Standard and custom IEC601 switch mode medical power supplies from 60W to 5KW. Patient connected applications. CB Scheme Test Certifications available.

DAU Thermal Solutions

Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology. Liquid/Air cooled heat sinks. High-Power heat sinks. Extrusions, Heat spreaders, heat-exchangers, heat-pipes, Cold Plates, Hockey Puck Coolers


EBG Resistors

EBG Catalog

High Voltage Resistors to 60kV/600W. Non-inductive. Voltage dividers and networks. Low temperature (+ 15 ppm/C) and voltage coefficients, high stability, high temperature operation and very tight tolerance (+ 0.1%).

Harding Energy

Custom Battery Packs and chargers. NiMH, Li-ion, Lithium polymer, NiCD, alkaline, charging systems, smart boards, SMB, SBS 1.1 compliant, Gas Gauges. Custom battery management, safety circuits and control circuits.


High Voltage Power Supplies to 150kV/1kW. DC-DC converters, multipliers, rectifier assemblies (250kV), lightning arrestors, surge supressors, Digital HV Test Equipment. Custom impregnation and epoxy encapsulation.

HV Component Associates

HVCA/CKE Catalog

High Voltage Diodes and Assemblies. Diodes (40kV/500mA), Voltage Multipliers (100kV) and very high voltage assemblies (to 600kV), SMT diodes to 5kV. Bridge Rectifiers, Power Diodes.

HVR Advanced Power Components

Ceramic Resistors. Cercomp® Ceramic Composition Resistors. Non-inductive, high energy capacity for high voltage, high peak power applications. Small and reliable for pulse or surge-prone applications. Ratings to 10 KW.


MicroSpire Catalog

Transformers and Inductors. HF Signal, Impedance Matching Transformers. MIL-STD-1553 Bus, Telecom (XDSL, ISDN, 600 Ohm). Integrated Magnetics. Chip Inductors. Wide Standard Product Line.


Toroidal Power Isolation Units and Transformers. Medical (UL2601), Audio, Low-noise (LONO®), low stray fields, low in-rush (Imin®.) and narrow bandwidth (NBT) Technology. CE approved.

RAF Tabtronics

Capabilities Brochure

High Efficiency Magnetics Design. Hyper-X®. Ultra-high power density, high efficiency magnetics to 50kV. Planar SMPS magnetics, custom encapsulation, water cooling. 


Capabilities Brochure

Filters, Magnetics, Capacitors. HV Magnetics (200kV/2000A), HV Caps (500uF/200kV) for DC, pulse and repetitive discharge. QPL Filters, High-Power Filters (5000A), Filtered Terminal Blocks (1750V, 100A).


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